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At it Again: Blowing up Bloomsday!

And now a word from those delightful Dublin dynamitards, the “At It Again!” gang, who are scheming early for Bloomsday 2014. — SC

Blowing Up Bloomsday1At it Again! have applied for the Arthur Guinness Projects and need your help! Please vote for our project “Blowing up Bloomsday!”

Imagine Bloomsday as a fantastic Mardi Gras-like street carnival. Imagine giant cyclops, huge bowler hats, floating kisses and Edwardian zombies romping through James Joyce’s Dublin and beyond. Let’s make Bloomsday even bigger! We can do it with your help.

If we get funding, we will use it to help grow Bloomsday, develop our Bloomsday Survival Kit and little brown book “Romping through Dublin” and to bring Ulysses to new audiences around the world through our fun, interactive events. Help us bring our Rocky Horror meets James Joyce interactive film screening of Ulysses to America.

Please vote for us online today. It takes 2 minutes to register, and then you can vote just the once, or go mad and vote daily until the closing date of 23rd August.

Thank you!

At It Again!