Bloomsday Project 5: Letterpressed ‘Ulysses’ Strands

by Jamie Murphy, Mary Plunkett, and Steve Cole

A collaborative, transatlantic letterpress project based on tweet-lengthed excerpts from James Joyce’s Ulysses, printed in Dublin by Jamie and Mary of Distillers Press at the National College of Art and Design. Steve Cole of the LiberateUlysses project selected the excerpts. The posters went on display at the National Print Museum in Dublin on 13 June 2012.

The ‘Ulysses Strands’ posters are available individually or as a set. For more information contact Jamie Murphy ( or Mary Plunkett (

Project Announcement (21 March 2012)

Project Update (10 June 2012)

Excerpts from Ulysses (collapsed to tweet length) used in this project:

my eyes flash my bust that they havent passion God help their poor head I knew more about men and life when I was 15 than theyll all know at 50

hurrying homeward. To smell the gentle smoke of tea, fume of the pan, sizzling butter. Be near her ample bedwarmed flesh. Yes.

Stephen jerked his thumb towards the window.  –That is God. (Hooray! Whrrwhee!)  –What?  –A shout in the street, he answered, shrugging his shoulders.

She is drowning. Agenbite. Save her. Agenbite. All against us. She will drown me with her, eyes and hair. Salt green death.

Love loves to love love. You love a certain person. And this person loves that other person because everybody loves somebody but God loves everybody.

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