About the LiberateUlysses Project

LiberateUlysses is the second experiment in social media and creativity conducted by Joyce afficianado Steve Cole of Baltimore, Maryland. In 2011 Steve and a few dozen other Joyce-addled collaborators staged a 24-hour “tweading” of Ulysses on Twitter. The remains of that Bloomsday experiment can be found on the Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011 blog. Media coverage of the 2011 experiment included a National Public Radio interviewThe New York Times ArtsBeat blog, and The Times of London.

In 2012 the LiberateUlysses project encouraged Joyce lovers everywhere to express their personal vision of Ulysses with whatever medium they had at hand, be it social or not. The completed projects were posted online on Bloomsday (16 June). Live coverage of Bloomsday 2012 and the annual meeting of the International James Joyce Symposium were blogged and tweeted from Dublin.

For 2013 the LiberateUlysses project is collaborating with The Salvage Press, Dublin, to realize Molly Bloom’s vision of a book of her husband’s amazing and amusing observations of life and the world around him. This Ulysses-inspired book, “The Works of Master Poldy,” is being printed in Dublin for Bloomsday 2013.

The LiberateUlysses project, along with Joyce fans worldwide, continues to spread the gospel of this great book. Stay in touch with @LiberateUlysses on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to  send us a line at liberateulysses@gmail.com.

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