THE CALL GOES OUT to all fans of James Joyce’s Ulysses  to start a new Bloomsday tradition this year – Ulysses Dialogues – and engage with each other to dig deeper into the book and what it means to us. Bloomsday readings are all fine and good, but they rarely give us the opportunity to express our own thoughts on Ulysses and hear from others about how Joyce’s juggernaut has made them groan and grow.

So let a thousand Ulysses Dialogues bloom this Bloomsday!

Make them local in pubs, living rooms, and parks. Make them global through the expansive cyberverse of Google+, blogs, and vimeo. There’s no shortage of ways to connect. Let’s use them!

To help get this Ulysses conversation started, the LiberateUlysses project will be heading to Dublin for the International James Joyce Symposium at Trinity College and University College Dublin (10-16 June) to connect Joyce scholars with the rest of the world through webchats, live tweeting, and Facebook (LiberateUlysses). With any luck we’ll also stir up Ulysses Dialogues in other Dublin venues throughout Bloomsday week.

So help us make this a global conversation! Last year 44 people from a dozen countries contributed to the “Ulysses Meets Twitter” experiment, and that was just on one social media platform.

You can help getthe conversation started this Bloomsday on a scale, in a venue, or on a platform that you’re most comfortable with. The LiberateUlysses project offers support and promotion to help you connect with others through this blog and our 4,000+ @2lysses Twitter followers.

If you’d like to work with us to host an in-person or an online Ulysses Dialogue, write to us and describe your choice of venue, platform, and dates. Or if you’d just like to participate in a Ulysses Dialogue, let us know and we’ll work to connect you with others.

Interested? Write to Steve Cole at

This Bloomsday, Start a ‘Ulysses’ Dialogue (25 March 2012 post)

‘Ulysses’ Dialogue Poster (PDF)

‘Ulysses’ Dialogue Video (54 seconds)


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