Bloomsday Project 2 — ‘Ulysses’: A Chapbook

by Wade Linebaugh

My poetic Bloomsday celebration turned out to be quite ambitious: turning the 18 episodes of Ulysses into 18 poems that each capture an aspect of their respective episodes. Call me lazy, but I just don’t write this much very often. Joyce’s masterpiece is difficult enough as it is without interlopers like me messing with it, so this cycle of poems really pushes at the edge of making even basic sense. And the poems, as I note in the preface, aren’t even maybe all that good. That’s okay. Despite it all, it was a fun concept to try out and it has produced a (highly personal & impressionistic) account of Ulysses that perhaps other fans of Joyce will find some pleasure in. If it’s all nonsense, that’s okay too: because my guiding principle was to stay close to Joyce’s own words, even the nonsense can be quite pleasurable.

UlyssesChapbook, (PDF, 25 pages)

Project Update (28 May 2012)

Project Announcement (24 March 2012)

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