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Note: On 24 June 2012, operation of the @2lysses Twitter feed was turned over to the dedicated Joyceans at the Modernist  Versions Project. Noted Again: On or about 1 October 2013, the @2lysses Twitter feed was transformed into @Ulysseslives by Steve Cole.

Bloomsday Ulysses Twitterfest 2012: The After Math (24 June 2012)

THE PLAN — The “Ulysses Meets Twitter” 2011 Bloomsday celebration of Joyce’s great book flowed from one Twitter account on a fixed schedule with a finite number of contributors. This year all those rules are gone. Everyone can tweet from their own account at any time on Saturday 16 June as often as you want.

The glue that holds all this imaginative Joycean twitterfication together and brings it into your Twitter feed whenever you want is a #hashtag — one for each of the 18 episodes in Ulysses. Want to get right in bed with Molly Bloom in the final ‘Penelope’ chapter? Search on #ulysses18 and you’ll get the world’s tweading of her rambling thoughts.

Below are the 18 hashtags along with the conventional episode names and the first few words of each episode to help you find it in the edition of Ulysses you have.  If you want to tweet a few lines yourself, just put the corresponding episode #hashtag at the end of your tweet and fire away.

Tweet early, tweet often, and have a great Bloomsday!  — Steve Cole, Baltimore, Md.

#ulysses1 – Telemachus – “Stately, plump Buck Mulligan …”

#ulysses2 – Nestor – “You, Cochrane …”

#ulysses3 – Proteus – “Ineluctable modality of the visible …”

#ulysses4 – Calypso – “Mr. Leopold Bloom ate …”

#ulysses5 – Lotus Eaters – “By lorries along Sir John Rogerson’s”

#ulysses6 – Hades – “Martin Cunningham, first”

#ulysses7 – Aeolus – “IN THE HEART OF THE HIBERNIAN”

#ulysses8 – Lestrygonians – “Pineapple rock. Lemon platt, butter scotch”

#ulysses9 – Scylla and Charybdis – “Urbane, to comfort them”

#ulysses10 – Wandering Rocks – “The Superior, the Very Reverend”

#ulysses11 – Sirens – “Bronze by gold heard the hoofirons”

#ulysses12 – Cyclops – “I was just passing the time of day”

#ulysses13 – Nausicaa – “The summer evening had begun to fold”

#ulysses14 – Oxen of the Sun – “Deshil Holles Eamus”

#ulysses15 – Circe – “The Mabbot street entrance of nighttown”

#ulysses16 – Eumaeus – “Preparatory to anything else Mr Bloom brushed”

#ulysses17 – Ithaca – “What parallel courses did Bloom and Stephen”

#ulysses18 – Penelope – “Yes because he never did a thing like that before”

The 2012 ‘Liberated’ Ulysses Twitterfest (16 May 2012)

The 2011 ‘Ulysses Meets Twitter’ Experiment

In early 2011 I created a Twitter account (the now defunct @11ysses, in honor of the year of its birth) in order to mount an experiment to see what would happen if the world attempted to tweet all of Ulysses in 24 hours. That experiment was conducted and completed on 16 June 2011. The results can be found still on the “Ulysses Meets Twitter” blog.

The 4,000+ followers of that Twitter account — now renamed @2lysses to mark this new year  — have continued to discuss and share bits of Ulysses and encourage others to dive into Joyce’s labyrinthian juggernaut. — Steve Cole, Baltimore, Maryland

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