For Bloomsday 2013: ‘The Works of Master Poldy’ from The Salvage Press


The first collection of quotes from Leopold Bloom, the everyman hero of James Joyce’s Ulysses, in a limited edition letterpress book designed & printed in Dublin, Ireland.

Now available from The Salvage Press. View online.  Buy online.


This project is the second collaboration between Steve Cole of the LiberateUlysses project and Dublin-based designer and letterpress printer Jamie Murphy inspired by Ulysses. We are out to bring the unique wit, warmth, and quirkiness of the Leopold Bloom to light for the first time in a glorious letterpress printed limited edition artist’s book in time for Bloomsday 2013.

VIDEO: “Inside ‘The Works of Master Poldy'”

“The Works of Master Poldy” boils down the essence of Leopold Bloom into a collection of his thoughts and sayings to help the uninitiated experience Bloom’s all-too-human world view and give Joyce fans a fresh look at Bloom.

“Master Poldy” is the first publication from Jamie’s new book arts & letterpress printing venture in Dublin: The Salvage Press. The Salvage Press is devoted to preserving, promoting and pursuing excellence in design, typography and letterpress printing. “Master Poldy” will be a 40-page book, case bound within a protective slipcase, measuring about 10 x 15 inches. Jamie is using a mix of traditional monotype methods and handset antique wooden type in an experimental typographic design. The book is being printed at the Distillers Press, National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Financial support for “Master Poldy” has come from around the world through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that concluded on May 3, 2013. Jamie and Steve send out their appreciation and thanks to everyone who contributed:


Áine Ní Chonaill

Áine O’Meara

Aguinaldo Medici Severino

Aisling O’Meara

Armagan Ekici

Barry Spence

Barry Vaughan

Billy Shortall

Brian Macken

Carlos Ramos

Catherine Whitley

Christina Mahony

Clare Bell

Cleo Hanaway

Clinton Cahill

David Robinson

Deborah Cole and Monika Bittman


Emma Conway

Fina Santa-Maria

Friday Green

George Patton

Ger Galvin

Gerry Murphy

Honey & Wax Booksellers

Ian Warner

Jane Seebold

Janice Marks

Joanne and Chris Everett

Joe Coll

Karen Blood and Amy Grace

Karen Czarnowski

Ken Cotter

Kim Willoughby

Laura Pavlo

Lisa Pelley

Liz Porter

Mag Sutton

Margaret Soltan

Marian Forde

Marita Murray

Mary Ann Bolger

Mary Braman

Mary Libertin

Mary Plunkett

Michael Moore

Moira McCauley

Monica LeMaster

Niall Laverty

Nicole Phillips

Orla Lynch

Paul Cooper and Dawn Amore

Pete Mackey

Philip Farmer

Rachel Platt

Roger Cummiskey

Rolf Maschinsky

Russell Maret

Sam Cole

Tara Prescott

Therese Cox

William Romani

Wilson Varga

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