‘Ulysses’ Rising: A Work in Progress over Dublin

Over the last several months a new Ulysses has been rising over Temple Bar.

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Designer James Earley is painting the lead characters of James Joyce’s novel all around the exterior of Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar, four stories tall. Epic!

“I must confess that I was new to Ulysses and am still getting my head around the book as I go on this project,” James wrote via email. “It’s the forever pealing onion with a million layers!”

“I am depicting the five lead characters from the book: Bloom, Molly, Stephen, Blazes, and Buck Mulligan. In between the character panels are graphic representations of various themes in the book. The illustrative style is inspired by graphic illustrator Alphonse Mucha. The Art Nouveau style is in keeping with the era the book was based. I have added in my own twist on the style, but the basis is still all there.”

The photos presented here that James kindly provided show the development of Stephen Dedalus last year. More photos to come as the mammoth murals progresses, which James plans to complete by the spring.

The project is part of James’ multidisciplinary design practice Inputout, which specializes in branding, illustration, hand-painted signage, and large scale graffiti murals.  You can follow his work on Facebook (studioinputout). http://www.inputout.com/

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